All the raw materials required for the production are indigenous. Lime stone deposits, additives, quartzophylites and ferrogenous quartzophylites are located adjacent to the plant site. Gypsum, which is used for retarding the setting of cement is obtained from the mines at Ghaba in Wilayat Adam.

Three Kilns and Four Cement grinding mills allow flexibility to produce various types of cement. The process control is fully computerized and handled by highly qualified and experienced personnel. The total current production capacity of Oman Cement Company is 2.4 million MTs Cement.

Oman Cement has a range of top quality products to meet your requirements. We have given a list of our products below with detailed description and specification data. In case you need additional information on these products or if you wish to order any of the below mentioned types of cement, please contact us on Telephone: (+968) 24437070 /(+968) 24437788


Sulphate Resistant Cement
Conforming to ASTM C-150 TYPE V. This cement is used where high resistent to sulphate attack is required. This cement produces low heat of hydration when mixed with water.


Ordinary Portland Cement
Conforming to Omani Standard OS:7 and EN 197 -1, ASTM 150C - Type I. This is a standard cement most commonly used when the special properties specified for any other type are not required. The uses are for general purpose. 


Moderate sulphate resistant cement 
Moderate sulphate resistant cement conforming to ASTM 150 C-TypeII



Oil Well Cement
Oil Well Cement Class 'G' (HSR) and Class A Conforming To API Spec. 10 A


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