The human resources represents a very important element in any establishment, the manpower represent the backbone of the establishment tin production process. The manpower is considered as a main means of success in all spheres of production. The Oman Cement Company recognize this importance, therefore, it extends its effort to train the Omanis and give them chances to allow them to contribute in the technical and administration works. The Oman Cement Company is doing the best of its efforts to implement the Omanization plans and replace the expatriates gradually without affecting the production, quality and quantity. These efforts need more efforts to be extended to qualify the local manpower through training to enable them to play the full role as require.

HR Tasks

The human resources department is concerned to manage and follow up the implementation of all policies and personnel affaires procedures, training, medical services, file keeping, periodical reports and statistics about the status and movement of the workers which include the following:

  • Implementation of the procedures and policies.
  • To specify the need of the company from the human resources.
  • To follow up the procedures of amendment and updating, cancellation of professions as a result of development of work environment or amalgamation and division of professions, evaluation of new professions and amended professions to meet the needs of the company from the human resources.
  • To follow up the procedure s of the new staff.
  • To follow up an coordinate the development and performance appraisal reports of the staff.
  • To organize courses and scholarship for training of the staff.
  • To follow up the promotions, increments and bonuses of the staff.
  • To follow up attendance, absence and overtime.
  • To follow up the annual leave of the staff, sick leave and others etc.
  • To secure health and social care of the staff.
  • To follow up the complaints and suggestions of the employees.
  • To follow up the penalty procedures and settle the grievances of the staff.
Awards and Certifications


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